Abyss of Chamber of Aspects EU - social guild for the vagabonds, facetious, altoholics, night time lurkers, introverts, and those who enjoy playing at their own pace. We welcome all players regardless of level, class, age or experience.

Join us by giving a whisper to any member of the guild.

Feel free to add my Battle Tag if you wish to chat! Sammy#2614


Intrustion formed in Summer 2008 on Saurfang-EU, with the goal of raiding as much as possible to be the best. Shortly after Intrustion disbanded in April 2010, a number of the guild members formed Abyss. We were looking for nothing more than casually raiding current content and having fun in the process.

We moved to Chamber of Aspects-EU in summer 2013, looking for more players for our raid roster.

No Longer Raiding

As from early 2016, we are no longer organising raiding for current content. Alot of the Abyss members who have been playing since 2008 now have alot of commitments such as work, children, and hobbies in the outside 3D world.

If you are an Abyss member and wish to raid, we understand if you want to find a good raiding guild, so please don't hesitate to do so. Your alts are always welcome in Abyss too if you wish to keep in touch.


A typical evening involves players logging on, sometimes saying 'Hi' to each other, and then doing whatever they wish to do.

  • Some players talk to each other, and some players forget they're in a guild. 
  • Some players like to remove the M in MMO and play solo, and some players like to do group events. 
  • And if you're really lucky, guild chat will get reduced to absolute smut once in a while.

Whatever it is you enjoy doing, you can guarantee you will be welcome to do it in Abyss.

We hope to see you in-game!