Welcome to the Abyss! 

Abyss is a guild for the vagabonds, the altoholics, the facetious, and those who enjoy playing the latest content at their own pace.

We welcome people age 18+ of any level, class, and experience for anything from socialising to doing old achievements!

Some members in Abyss enjoy logging on when it suits them, saying the odd "Hello how's it going?" and then off doing whatever they do best!

Some members in Abyss enjoy grouping up to do questing, mythic dungeons, or old achivements.

Some members in Abyss forget they're in a guild and you will never hear a peep out of them.

Some members in Abyss love to socialise and will happily talk about anything!

And every once in awhile guild chat or discord gets reduced to smut!

If you think Abyss is the guild for you, come and give us visit by whispering any guild member for an invite.

See you in game :)